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Multi-currency compliant invoices
Create compliant invoices for cryptocurrency transactions that are easy to understand for the other party. With support for dynamic currency conversion.
Certified Accountant Directory
Can't find a professional accountant who understands your business model, crypto transactions or worse; charges you insane fees to "research"? We got your back with Gokira certified accountants.
Transaction monitoring / Connect to exchanges
Easily link transactions to expense receipts or invoices. We help you by constantly monitoring incoming & outgoing transactions on your selected addresses and connected exchange accounts.
Connect with payment gateways
Sent out an invoice meant to be paid in cryptocurrency, but didn't receive the full amount because the customer misunderstood the conversion? We connect with payment gateways to get you the right amount. Quick & easy.
Financial & Tax overview
Get insightful reports on your holdings, risk exposure, financial performance and tax burden.
Extensions for existing accounting software
Using an existing accounting software such as Xero, wave or freshbooks? You may be interested in our extension.
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Accounting & bookkeeping software
for cryptocurrency businesses
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Kaunto is an idea in development by Dylan Damsma